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Das Ziel der Stiftung
Unser Ziel ist: die Untersttzung ausserhalb der ungarischen Grenzen lebenden jungen Ungarn, die ihre ungarischen Wurzeln noch pflegen.

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The aim of the Foundation
Our aim is to financially support (using both the Foundation's and individuals' financial means) the maintenance of the cultural, scientific and educational relations between the youth living beyond the frontiers and the mother country.

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Conference on Hungarian-Polish friendship
Our Foundation is organising a conference with the title:,,Hungarian-Polish friendship history, economic policy, culture in Budapest, where all kind interested visitors are welcome.

Conference dates:
2-4. March 2013
Conference venue: Budapest

The chief patron of the conference: Dr. Gza Jeszenszky, Ambassador, the former Minister of Foreign Affairs of Hungary

Cooperating partner:

Jan Kochanowski University in Kielce

In the conference famous Hungarian and Polish lecturers and participants will discuss the following themes:

  • common historic persons and events

  • political and economic policy dilemmas in the 90s and today

  • Polish minority in Hungary and Hungarian minority in Poland

In the frames of the conference programme you can participate ine a one-day sightseeing in Budapest, a dance performance of Polish and Hungarian dances, and diplomacy games.

Participants submitting their paper will receive free accommodation and board!
Participation fee for all other visitors is: 50 for the whole programme of the conference.

Sign in here!

Preliminary programme draft can be downloaded from here.

Our Foundation is issuing a call for papers among college and university students, whose prize giving ceremony will take place in the frames of the conference.
The title of the tender for papers: Common past-common present, Polands and Hungarys adventures in the European Union

We are expecting 10-15 page papers for the tender, which evaluate diplomatic and economic processes in Poland and Hungary since the 90s in themes such as Polish-Hungarian relations, European integration, minority policy, education, research, foreign investment. English abstract is necessary!
The authors of the best writings will be rewarded with books at a value of 35-85 and free participation during the whole conference!

Deadline for submission: 15. February 2013

You can sign in to our conference by completing the online registration form here.

Magyar Fiatalok Hatrok Nlkl Alaptvny
MFHNA www.mfhnalap.org

The conference booklet with abstracts of lectures can be downloaded from here.
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